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RSD Group is a global leader in the manufacture of direct and indirect printing systems. With its headquarters in Germany and sites in Europe, China, India and the USA, RSD Group offers a broad range of solutions for all types of industrial printing in the cable, wire, hose, pharmaceutical, food, textile and packaging industries.


RSD Technik GmbH in Germany, the headquarters of RSD Group, is an ISO 9011:2008 certified manufacturer of various types of direct and indirect printing machines for cable, tube and profile applications. Based on latest laser engraving technology, RSD Technik GmbH produces rolls, wheels and segments for all printing and marking systems for pharmaceuticals, food products, cables and hoses as well as photopolymer plates for flexographic printing.


RSD Technologies LLC, former Gillies Technolgies LLC,is a second generation printing company offering worldwide support in customized contact printing solutions for the wire & cable and hose & tubing industry. With a dedicated team of technical and support staff, RSD Technologies LLC specializes in print wheels, contact printers, inkjet marking systems, inks and extenders for the wire, cable, hose and tubing industries. They also supply and engrave all common pharmaceutical printing cylinders and rollers.


RSD Hi-Tech Industrial in Shanghai and Shenzhen,provide marking and printing equipment for the cable, wire, hose and pharmaceutical industries. The product portfolio covers printing wheels and printing machines for all marking and printing applications as well as a wide range of pharmaceutical printing cylinders. The flexographic printing department at Shanghai provides photopolymer plates including customized artwork services to numerous customers in the flexographic printing business.


RSD Hi-Tech Industrial (Mumbai)offers the whole range of RSD Group products for wire, cable, hose, tubes and pharmaceutical applications.


Ziraba Spain is a further member of the RSD Group with expertise in printing for rotogravure cylinders, flexographic printing forms and embossing technology.


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Martin Rasenberger

Managing Director

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Vice Managing Director

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